Thursday, July 28, 2016

Hot and Scared

Florida in July is officially HOT. Our poor a/c is working so hard, the last electric bill we received nearly brought me to tears. It was more than a car payment. More than 3 months' student loan payments. We're now approaching the point of spending as much money on home climate control as we spend on food in a month.

We've been dealing as best we can.

Thinking cold thoughts as evoked by the movie Frozen 

Spinning in circles for greater air circulation around the underarm region

And, running up our water bill by playing with the hose.

Slip and slide for the truly daring involves complete nudity, eliminating as much friction as possible.

We had a fun (read:frightening) adventure last night. A man came and knocked on our door at 3:30am. It woke Micah, who woke me up in great alarm and made me take the kids up to the attic to call 911. I only caught a glimpse of the guys legs through a window by the door as I was crossing the stair to the kids' room. Micah, nearly blind without his contacts in, could only see that a guy was there, he thought he saw him looking in through the window. I naively supposed it was just a neighbor needing help; Micah was sure it was an armed criminal. At any rate, we didn't answer the door and the police came within a few minutes and the guy was gone. They searched our whole yard and looked around the neighborhood. Nothing unusual was found. If it was just one of the neighbors needing help, we shall now hold the reputation of being being great alarmists, but the 911 lady I spoke with reassured me that we shouldn't feel embarrassed and that, from the crazy things she's seen, you really can't be too careful. Anyway, now Micah is going to be rooting stronger than ever for a stupid security system and lasik eye durgery and my dreams of saving up enough money to replace our windows shall slip farther and farther away.


  1. Have Micah look at this. You literally purchase the hardware for keepsies, and then you can take it with you wherever you move. Plus, the monitoring service is only $15 per month with no terms or contracts.

  2. I feel a little misrepresented here.... I could not see that a guy was there much less looking through a window. I am not rooting for a "stupid security system" just a few more items. I do not need eye surgery in the immediate future though it would be nice a few years down the road.