Saturday, July 16, 2016

Little Cows and Beach Bums

Very busy lately. Natalie has started a month of swim lessons. She was terrified when I first told her I had signed her up, but she warmed up to it quickly once I took her. She's in the most basic group that doesn't involve a parent needing to be in the water with the kid- so she's learning about putting her face in the water, and very, very basic propulsion, like bouncing up and down and doing "ice cream scoop arms". I don't think she'll be doggie paddling in 4 weeks, but it's good progress for a girl who one month ago would cry if she got water in her eye.

A 16 year old from church who we've had over to babysit invited the girls over to decorate cupcakes. It was very sweet and the girls loved it. Strangely, though, the cupcakes we brought home only ever got partially eaten...

I forgot to photograph this yummy pie before we broke into it. I made it to take to someone's place on Sunday, but they ended up cancelling, so we had an overly fancy FHE treat on Monday night.

We also decorated cow shirts for FHE so we could score free Chicfila the next day on Cow Appreciation Day.
Unfortunately, Angela was having a tantrum all evening. Which was a shame, because she probably would have really enjoyed painting her shirt. She loves arts and crafts. 

My little Calves:

Angela was really into the cow, though she may not seem thrilled in this picture.
And, of course, the best part of all:

A few pictures of the girls while we were at the beach a few weeks ago.

I take the girls to the beach during the day once a week and we go with Micah on the weekends sometimes. They are learning to enjoy it more and more. 

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