Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Mug cake?!

Ok- how have I survived this long without knowing that you can make an individual-sized cake in the microwave? This is a total game changer.
Natalie and I ran this test on a "cowboy" cake with chocolate chips, m&m's, and coconut. It was so good, we made more for FHE treat.

Angela is very cute and smart and feisty. She loves puzzles, throwing tantrums, laying in her crib with her pacifier and bear and drinking milk.

This hawk was staring me down through the window as I ate my lunch this morning.

And, in other news, Natalie had to have 6 cavities filled today. I blame the potty training jelly beans. Probably wouldn't have been so bad if she hadn't spent the better part of 2 years potty training, but alas, what's done is done. Micah stayed home this morning with Angela and when I returned, there were a bunch of photos of this lego creation on my camera. 

Natalie was pretty wiped out by the sedatives- she completely fell asleep in the waiting room before they took her back. But I guess once they started prodding at her she tried hard to fight them off. I wasn't allowed to go back with her during the procedure (which is really messed up and has me thinking of searching for a new dentist) but occasionally heard an angry wail from the waiting room. This afternoon she is slowly, very slowly, perking back up.

Sheesh, dental work is expensive. I don't think I have spent as much money on my overall health, including even the cost of otc medicine and hygeine products, in the past year as it cost for her fillings. Ah, well. We didn't really need that money. It's not like we just spent more than double what we had expected to stain and seal our fence and have our air conditioner repaired again. .:sigh:. 

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