Sunday, August 21, 2016

Brooklynn Visit + Our Visit

We have had an exciting few weeks, first with the visit of our #1 female 7-year-old-cousin Brooklynn!

 Poor Angela had to work hard to keep up with the big girls.

Happy Hour slurpies after returning from roller skating on a hot Saturday afternoon

Natalie got to go to her first 2 days of preschool before we headed up to Raleigh for my brother Paco's wedding

Mmm, Naked Juice moustache

Brooklynn, always ready to keep the young-uns in line. Here, she leads them around on leash.

The kids were the life of the party at the reception!

And the benevolent bride and groom, hearing that Natalie wanted to see them open presents (a la 5-year-old birthday party), swung by the following evening and let us oogle their spoils.

How many kids can you fit in a bath? Well....

Movie time!

Unwrapping presents from the grocery fairy!

The awesome science museum in Durham that I wish I lived near!


Homemade pinatas!!

The girls' first time bowling!

We had so much fun! Now, all of us are sorta like...

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