Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Just returned from a long weekend in Charlotte with Micah's sister. It was a blast and also a huge relief. It is unbelievably taxing having my attention occupied by these kids all day every day. It was so nice having Chere dote on them while I could unwind. They were pretty crazy on the car ride up, a little better on the car ride down, because Natalie was exhausted from playing hard and slept most of the way. She loved having Hudson around to play with her. And I was surprised that she enjoyed going on the boat and tube for the first time enough to want to do it again the next day!

Generally, things are going well. Angela has been doing okay, getting chubby and happy and talking more. Though not being a great sleeper. Micah is getting serious about graduating by next August. I mentioned at bookgroup last night (several of the women are GTech PhD widows, er, wives that is) how he would finish his program sooner than he expected and none of us could think of a single person we knew who took LESS time than expected to graduate. So, it's pretty cool. 

foaming at the mouth

Micah fell asleep while playing with Natalie

on the boat at Chere's 

 Cousin time

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