Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Bike, Swim, Cry

Natalie has this little pedal-less bike now that someone was throwing out. She likes to ride it around, when the mosquitoes and heat are tolerable enough to go outside. I shouldn't complain- it's been an insanely mild summer and I'm very grateful.
Natalie fell the other morning and bumped her head pretty hard on the sidewalk. She got a nice bruise and cried for about 5 hours. Such a drama queen. But I was proud of her for going back out on her bike the very next day.

We just realized that the second-closest YMCA here in Atlanta has an AWESOME outdoor pool with a large shallow end, a water slide and a bunch of fountains. We enjoyed it on Saturday and played until we were all exhausted.

A few other things going on:
  • Angela has decided that she doesn't like sleep. I've decided that she's not old enough to have opinions. So she spends a lot of time being grouchy and crying in her bed these days.
  • Blake is returning from his mission a week from today. We're going up to Wilmington and making a week-long vacation out of it. Micah has started school and is already behind on his plan that will have him graduating next summer, but oh, well!
  • Natalie will be starting a little preschool/babysitting coop as soon as we get back from Wilmington. It will be AMAZING to have a Natalie-free morning once a week (minus every 4th or 5th week when I'm in charge).
  • In 2 days, I will have been married for 5 years. Woah.
  • I'm organizing this ward activity on Sept 13 that was going to be awesome, but in the last week the stake has scheduled a leadership training in the morning and a women's fireside in the evening for some general authorities coming through. I am super irritated that they couldn't have given us more notice. All my planning and work might just get thrown out the window. Lame.

"Look, mom! I found this soft, squishy breast with a zillion nipples!"

shake mustache and soul patch

downward dog

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