Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling and Adventures with Milk

Angela can now roll from back to stomach. And, in true second child fashion, not only did I not capture her first roll on film- I didn't even see it. I was putting things away in the kitchen, came out to the living room where I had left her on her back and she was on her stomach. She did it once more in the evening (I witnessed that one, so I'm sure Natalie's not just moving her). Then, this afternoon, I set her on her back with her toys over her (with the green and yellow bars by each shoulder and her feet pointing towards the blue bar) and returned to THIS:

She is a masterful spitter-upper. I am regularly covered in her vomit and can't put her on her stomach without her getting it on the floor. If I put her on a blanket, the spit up soaks through. If I carefully place a burp cloth under her, she masterfully bunches it out of the way and pukes on the carpet anyhow. The whole living room smells like yucky milk. But I'm not sure it's worth getting a rug doctor since she'll just do it more.

In other news, Natalie learned that blowing bubbles in milk does this:
Her glass contained MAYBE one inch of milk.

 Speaking of milk, here is the mess she made after only a few dips of cookie in milk:

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