Friday, July 25, 2014


Natalie came home from Church on Sunday afternoon fine and after a few hours, suddenly had massive diarrhea and threw up her entire dinner. Since then, she has been throwing up on and off each day. We have been very careful about feeding her- giving her small amounts of liquids at a time, making her keep down liquids for a few hours before offering solids, but as soon as I think she's fine and is getting over it, she pukes again. It is now Friday and there is no end in sight.

Cleaning up vomit is horrible and disgusting. When do kids get old enough to learn to puke into the toilet? But I could deal with it if Natalie weren't so frikkin' WHINY! I understand that she's feeling yucky and that she's hungry and thirsty and throwing up is not fun. But why can't she just lay on the couch listlessly like a normal sick child? She has pretty much spent the whole week rolling on the ground screaming and crying and saying "no" to EVERYTHING, with scattered, brief respites of staring at the TV. We don't usually let her watch much TV, but it has pretty much been on constantly on the basis of distracting her from the discomfort. When she gets better and we go back to our usual TV limits, she's gonna be a monster. She has also been waking up every 30-60 minutes most of the night every night to scream and cry some more. Angela has also been suffering quite a bit, as she is woken up prematurely from most naps by screaming toddler face.

All in all, I'm feeling super exhausted, totally bored from being stuck in the house all week and so sick of the screaming and crying that I want to get in the car and drive away and never come back.

Just thought I would share so that you can appreciate your life more and put it all in perspective. If you haven't been puked on in the last 24 hours, you're pretty lucky- it could be worse.

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