Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Latest Shots

My posts have decreased in quantity and quality in the last 2 months. Oops. 
Well, here's a few pictures at least

Most little girls are content to walk around in Mom's heels. Natalie has other aspirations.

And the equally loved but waaaaay less photographed baby, Angela...
Tummy time makes her cry and puke, but she's starting to get a flat head, so we're trying to put her on her back less. Sometimes she rolls over to get out of it; the boppy helps keep her there.

 Grabbing things: check

Discovering hands: check

Smiling & cooing: check

I forgot to mention, she had her 2 month checkup 2 weeks ago. She weighed 12lbs 2oz (63%) and was 24" long (95%). Micah wants her to get hugely fat but I think she's just fine. She is visibly putting on fat, first it was her chin and now she's getting it in her thighs and ankles. Trying to get our last few good wears out of the 0-3month onsies.

Darlene and Erik (my sister & brother-in-law) are buying a house in Raleigh in the coming month. The house looks big and beautiful and I am way jealous. And by pure coincidence I am sure, Micah is suddenly discovering tons of opportunities for jobs in the Triangle Region in NC. He is writing his proposal now, though he is not getting as much done because he usually gets a late start in the morning (sleeping in after getting up many, many times in the night) and I make him come home early to take care of the girls while I make dinner. Graduating in August 2015 is still his aspirations, though.

Angela was doing great for several weeks at only getting up once in the night and I had hopes that she would drop her single nighttime feeding and start sleeping uninterrupted from around 10 to 7 some time in the coming weeks, but instead she has gotten worse and has been waking up more frequently. She also has been waking up halfway through her naps and refusing to go back to sleep for anything but the swing. Which is lame, because I don't want her to become too dependent on the swing. I tried letting her cry herself back to sleep over last weekend while Micah was out of town, but she would just cry for over an hour every time and never go back to sleep. I'm wondering if she's ready to stop being swaddled because she wakes up seeming very upset that she can't move, but she won't go down to begin with if she's not swaddled. I'm also wondering if I need to move her daytime feedings closer together to make sure she's getting enough to eat during the day so that she doesn't need to eat at night, but I question whether that will just train her matabolism to need food more frequently, including at night. So, basically just dealing with the typical anxious, back-and-forth uncertainty of dealing with a baby. C'est la vie.

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