Thursday, July 3, 2014

Games and Puzzles

Natalie loves this princess-themed memory game that Darlene got for her while she was visiting. Natalie's pretty good at matching them, too. But what impresses me most is how well she has memorized all of the princesses. There are over a dozen of them, each named after a flower and many of them have similar colors. Here she is naming a few of them that are on the box:

"-Petunia, Princess Marigold, Princess Poppy, Princess Daffodil, Princess Lilac, Princess Rose, Princess Violet, Princess Iris, Princess Lily, Princess Clover!"

Time to get her interested in horticulture! Let's see how many hundreds of flowers she can learn!

Also, she got a 16 piece puzzle from her thoughtful Uncle Marc and Aunt Tiffany and at first she couldn't do it at all by herself. It was kind of a pain because she loved it but didn't even have the skills to be able to wiggle the pieces into their spot even when we gave her the correct one that fit. Fast forward a couple of weeks and she is doing it like a pro. She will sit there and do it over and over again several times all by herself. Very cool.

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