Monday, September 9, 2013

Little Trouble Maker

Natalie has been a handful. She figured out that the step stool in the bathroom is not physically confined to the bathroom and so now, nothing in the kitchen is safe. The cupboards down below were already child locked, but now we'll have to do the drawers as well.

She's been awful at going down for naps. And sleeping in general. As usual, I guess. But now the process is becoming more complicated. I can't leave her to cry it out any more because instead of just screaming until she passes out, she yells, "Mommy! Mommy!" in the most pitiful, high-pitched voice of betrayal and it just breaks my heart. She's such a stinker. It used to bother me that she wasn't attached to anything- like a blanket-to help soothe her. Now, she is quickly becoming attached to her blankies and stuffed animals and wants to sleep with ALL of them. Which then prevents her from sleeping because there is not enough room in the crib for her. And finally, we've always had this little crib toy that plays soothing music and projects a scene on the ceiling, like a high tech mobile for helping her fall asleep. Instead of falling asleep after it turns off (it's on a 10 minute timer), she now gets back up to press the buttons and make it start playing again. Sometimes, I leave it off altogether and she still figures out how to turn it on and play with it.

The only other news is that I FAILED at predicting my sister's due date. She hasn't had her baby yet and I am very sorry.

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