Monday, June 24, 2013


Working on saying her cousin's name

A massive evil spider spun its web right in front of our kitchen window. This was unacceptable to me.

Natalie is forever trying to climb on the table. I try to keep it empty now so that she has less incentive- no interesting off-limits stuff to grab- but it only deters her a little. I set the table the other day and she pulled down the plate I made at a ceramic painting place and came and threw it at my feet. I stared down at her, blinking in shock and she, with a look of determination, picked it back up and slammed it back down on the tile, where it shattered. It was hard not to feel hurt and angry. Just seemed so deliberate! 

We are quickly running out of surfaces that she can't reach, so she better learn the meaning of "no" soon!

In other news, I finished these paintings for a little non-curated show at the art center where I did ceramics. 

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