Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Natalie Destruction

My sister has been doing some saving with coupons. She asked me a question about stuff that I get for free and it made me realize that I haven't been sharing my recent hauls! 

Ususally, Natalie is such a handful at the grocery store that by the time I get home, I'm more relieved to be done than I am excited about what I've scored. Seriously- we've had 3 on-the-floor, all-out tantrums at the store in the past 6 days. I break my shopping down into small trips so that I don't try her patience too hard, but it seems lately as if she knows as soon as we get out of the car, "Oh! Yeah! This is the place where I freak out!" I try to talk to her about what I'm buying and let her hold things. I try letting her stand in the cart, I try holding her. It seems that the only way to push through is usually to throw her over my shoulder as she screams and thrashes, sprint up and down the aisles to grab what I need and get to checkout as quickly as possible.  She is infinitely better when she is in her stroller and I walk to the store, but that is hard to do in the heat of the afternoon. I can't take her in the morning because she will doze on the walk, then refuse to take a nap, then be falling apart by 4pm. It makes us both really angry, so morning walks are out.

This is what I got for $14.20 this morning at CVS ($5.59 of which was tax). Shelf price was over $130,  then took off about $30 for sales prices, $40 for in-store cash deals (e.g. buy $30 of huggies, get $12), and the rest was a mix of store and manufacturer's coupons.

I got:
6 Jumbo Packs Huggies Diapers
4 Colgate Toothpaste
4 Colgate Mouthwash
2 Johnson&Johnsosn Baby soap

I came downstairs this morning to find her ripping up the Book of Mormon Stories book that I left out from FHE last night. I took the book and, when she cried, gave her a coloring book, which she promptly set about ripping up. I'm sure she was inspired by Lee Krasner and intends to collage the pieces of her old artwork to make new and interesting pieces.

Also, after precariously climbing a pushed-in chair to play at the table, the chair fell over and she found herself clinging to the table for dear life. Naturally, instead of running to her rescue, I grabbed the camera.

So much destruction, so many injuries, and it's only midday!

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