Thursday, June 20, 2013

Charlotte and Back

I've been catching up recently after some travel and then hosting.

A week and a half ago, we visited Charlotte to celebrate my nephew's high school graduation. My mom was in town and Micah had to get back to school Monday, so Micah left me with my mom while headed back to Atlanta. We checked out a really cool children's museum in Charlotte- less than half the admission price as the Atlanta Children's Museum and probably as much, if not more, fun. They had a bunch of aquariums that Natalie enjoyed-with convenient steps going up to the glass so that kids could see up close. Then there was a super sweet young kid area with tons of displays- a 5 foot tall lite-brite with 6-inch colored pegs, obstacle courses and jungle gyms, even a massive water table with water guns and toys! Natalie had a lot of fun there and soaked herself silly, even though she was wearing a waterproof apron. She was so cold , I took off her pants and let her enjoy the rest of our visit in a diaper and shirt, making me feel like a major redneck. The next day we went to Hendersonville, NC, where my mom has a job application in. It was a very nice little city, about 30 minutes from Ashville. Then my mom came home with me and stayed for a few days.

This week I have been using all my free time to read a book for my book club called State of Wonder- a fiction about some scientist studying a tribe in the Amazon in which women have babies into their 70s and never experience menopause.

For Father's Day, I got Micah a desk so soon he'll have his fancy new desktop computer running and functional. I'm still not sure why he needed it and what he's going to do with it, since we have 2 laptops already. Also, we are moving into the smartphone world. I believe that we should be fully using our smartphones by the end of the month so we can cancel our AT&T phone.

I made some really good banana bread last week (the recipe called for yogurt- kept it very moist) and some super yummilicious rosemary parmesan bread this week that was a total experiment. I have been dramatically going back an forth between working hard to put together decent meals and not wanting to be in the kitchen at all. Maybe it has to do with the fact that ANY TIME I GO TO THE KITCHEN NATALIE STARTS SCREAMING AND CRYING AND HANGING ON ME. Ahem. It's becoming a bit irksome.

She continues to be a handful during meals. Lately, Sammy has been getting sick a lot from all the people food. The other day, he threw up 3 times, then immediately turned from his puke, darted under the highchair and swallowed a piece of french toast that Natalie had dropped whole. I'm not sure what to do to get her to stop dropping or him to stop devouring food. I may have to just keep him behind a gate while she's eating.

I also enjoy the continual frustration of guessing what she will or will not enjoy eating. She may beg for cereal one morning, then refuse to eat any the next. She loves fruit, but is sometimes more interested in chewing on the dish in which it is served.
I can see why so many parents just feed their children macaroni and cheese.

We went to get new toys for Natalie at the thrift store and walked out with 8 or 9 toys that cost less than one of them would have been at Walmart. Here, she shows her stacking cups to Sammy.

In other major news, we no longer have kids channels in our cable package, so Natalie is learning to like curious george and sesame street because that's what's on Netflix. We changed plans to one with less TV and faster internet speeds but so far, our internet speeds have been even slower. Unfortunately, Micah spent over 2 hours total trying to change, so it may take a while to get ahold of them and complain.

Natalie loves to swim. It's been raining a lot in the past week, but she is so happy when it's sunny and we visit the pool. We found a really cool splash park in Roswell where our playgroup met last week and I was so proud of Natalie. She ran right out there and played with the fountains and didn't mind all the other kids at all.

Last but not least, I got a voice message late last night about a job interview. Tried to call back today but no one answered. I'll call again tonight if I don't hear from anyone. A very small job, but it would be something at least!

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