Monday, December 17, 2012

Natalie CAN Walk...

It has been very difficult to capture Natalie's walking progress because she only walks when she's not thinking about it. So if she sees something that she wants, is holding something, or is looking to be picked up, she usually walks. The second we start to praise or encourage her, she realizes what she is doing and drops down.
Natalie loves the Christmas tree and likes to grab the lights that she can reach.

On Saturday, we had a really fun ward activity. There was a great nativity play (below) and tons of yummy food. It was set up like we were all taxpayers coming to bethlehem, so we cruised different "merchants"- they had a booth set up with dradles and chocolate coins, a "bakery" and "butcher". It was really well-done.

On Sunday, we opened presents with Micah's parents. They fulfilled their grangparently duty and got Natalie a toy car with 12 noise buttons and no off switch. She learned to mount it in no time when we got home!

They got us a tripod, which will be sooooo nice to have with out camera. I got a crock pot and a griddle. Can't wait to use them! We're having company for dinner on Wednesday, maybe I can convince Micah to let me make pancakes and homefries :)
A few more days until we leave for Wilmington. Yay!

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