Friday, January 4, 2013

Busy Holiday!

I had a super full holiday and haven't found very much time to blog in the last few weeks! 

A lot has happened, we spent Christmas in North Carolina with my family and then returned earlier than expected to be with Micah's family after his Grandma passed away on January 31. 

I haven't downloaded any pictures from my normal camera, but here are a few from our SLR that I touched up a bit. We wanted to get a photo of the whole family (Blake represented by his cardboard cutout), since we might not all be together again for a while. It sounded great in my head- a nice family photo on the beach. I researched when the best lighting would be and we coordinated our outfits. But when we actually got out there, the lighting was difficult- maybe an hour later and it might have been perfect. But we couldn't wait an hour-or even a few minutes- because it was FREEZING! That is why the Agle children look as if they are in pain. But here they are anyway. And I will send a copy to Blake, so nobody beat me to it!!!!!

We took a picture of Micah's family this afternoon, as Chere and Mark came in for the funeral. It was the first time that all 4 of them were photographed together with their parents in 23 years (more on those pictures later). As we were flipping through the photos on the camera to get to the ones we had just taken, we looked at this and several others of Gabby and agreed that she looked pretty modelicious.

What else can I squeeze in before Natalie wakes up from her nap.... 

We saw The Hobbit and it was awesome. We saw Les Miserable and it was fantastic. We saw Spamalot performed at Thalian Hall (for some reason, as I was just typing, I kept wanting to type the Hale. Haha) and enjoyed a good, hard laugh. Micah thought it was blasphemous and pornographic. It was. But I still saw the humor.

I hear her crying! More to come later!

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