Sunday, December 9, 2012

I Lied.

Okay, so I guess I did take some pictures last week. Here you go. Looks like it has been a big week of climbing into boxes.

It began simply enough by falling, trying to sit on a box only to have the lid cave in. Before long, she was climbing in and out of this cardboard box like a pro.

The shoe bin was much harder to get out of. A couple of times, she climbed into it and then cried because she couldn't get out.
I was eating the last few cookies in our largest tupperware container, left to rinse out my milk glass, and returned to find that she had climbed into the tupperware and was sitting in it contentedly.

She can go down the stairs feet first, though we still need to be near by. She has her first fall down the stairs this week :/

Play while I make dinner

Natalie tries out her little green pouch. She is still getting the hang of it, but already she is eating way more baby food than trying with a spoon to feed her!
Natalie almost always pulls out the magic bullet box to play with the parts. Here, I captured her genius as she stacked the blender over the blade and then the juicer attachment onto the blender. She was in the process of placing a lid ring on top.
Other Natalie News:
We bought Natalie a potty at Ikea yesterday. After hearing about some friends' success with infant potty training, I thought it couldn't hurt. I want her to get used to the idea of sitting on a potty so that potty training isn't some big, dramatic change- she'll be used to the idea. So, this morning we woke up and took off her wet diaper from the night, set her on her potty, and when we picked her back up.... her potty had a puddle in it. At first I was confused befor I realized that Natalie peed in the potty! Wow. Later in the afternoon when we sat her on it after a nap, she pooped in her diaper while sitting on it. Thise Ikea potties must be ergonomically designed to make kids go! So, hopefully she'll continue to like sitting on her potty.

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