Friday, December 7, 2012


This week was super boring. Micah has been at school late (it's 9:30 on Friday night and he is still there....), aerobics has been called off every day this week and there haven't been any fun couponing opportunities lately. I haven't even taken any photos of Nataliebecause she has spent most of this week being an obnoxious wreck. She has been super clingy- as in, I can not be standing or even sitting in a chair in the same room- I MUST be sitting right there on the floor next to her. If I am not RIGHT THERE, she comes over to me and whines and pulls on my leg until she falls or bumps her head (on purpose, I'm pretty sure...) and then I have to pick her up to make her stop crying. As soon as she is picked up, she stops crying. Urgh. I feel so manipulated.

I still feel it worth blogging because it has been a week of great treat consumption.

I made pumpkin roll for our extra choir practice on Sunday. Used the recipe on the back of the libby's canned pumpkin label. Always a hit.

On Monday, I made eggnog. It was easy, but took some time to stir while it cooked. At least I could do it while holding Natalie. Followed this recipe, but used medium heat for 30 mins. Turned out a little chunky, so I ran the custard through the blender before mixing the milk in. I love it. I skipped the whipped cream because I always feel like eggnog is so thick that I need to water it down. So, I could make it nice and thin. Micah can't get over the egg smell. Natalie loved the store-bought stuff but wouldn't drink this, so I guess we'll be going store-bought from here forward. I still thought it was good though.

Tuesday was National Cookie Day. I made some almond date oatmeal cookies. They were a little dry and too chewy. But then I made these egg nog cookies and they were AMAZING. Oh. My. Goodness. Crunchy, crispy outside, chewy on the inside, and spicy and sweet and sooooo yummy. Just do yourself a favor and make these cookies. And share some with friends, because they make a TON and you WILL eat them all if they are there.
Thursday we had a cookie exchange for playgroup. I brought snickers cookies to use up all the free snickers santa bars I have gotten from CVS. They are so yummy and so easy. You basically make peanut butter cookie dough then form a little dough around a chunk of a snickers bar. They look boring, but then when you bite into them, there's a yummy surprise in the center! I got to leave with a couple dozen cookies that others' brought. Some of the other ladies made nobakes, chocolate pumpkin cookies, sugar cookies, oatmeal butterscoth and divinity. All were phenomenal and I personally ate them all. With milk. In about a day.

Christmas is all about the cookies. I mean, it's about Christ, of course.... but after that, cookies are are pretty high up there in significance to me.


  1. Oh Sarah Jane, you make me laugh. And on a side note, today I texted Eric, "I'm eating all the cookies because I miss you too much." So I totally feel you.

  2. I had heard that observation of principle before.... from you..... in my home..... about how "It's all about the cookies."
    I think that might be a worthy and sound doctrine.