Friday, August 24, 2012

Unpacking, Car Shopping and Starting School

I think that I can finally say that we are unpacked (let's just ignore the pile of boxes at the top of the stairs since that is mostly stuff to be repacked and stored away anyhow...). It took a really long time because Natalie was being really clingy earlier this week, but yesterday and today she has been dong a lot better and being set down and even letting me go to the other side of the room without tears- a big step.

Micah started classes on Monday. He is in a different physics class than he was originally planning because the professor advised that the grad level physics class required a very solid foundation, especially in the related math. So, he is in a senior level undergrad class, but it will count towards his physics minor, so it's all good. Sounds like it will be a stretch, but it's okay- that's how you learn! He's a little bummed that he will need to put more work into classes than he was expecting. He needs to get a lot of work done on his research to prepare for a conferance in October.

We've been to 4 different dealers to shop for cars and still have not narrowed down exactly what we want. Micah is leaning more towards a cheap, basic new car with a warranty and I would rather pay a lot less for a used car without too many miles on it. Hyundais have the best warranty of the brands that we have shopped, but if we could get an accent or a focus at the same price, I think that a focus would be a better car and worth the less impressive warranty. Or there's the possibility of a new car that is still under factory warranty. Then there's the possibility of buying used and tacking on an extended warranty for a few thousand. Ugh. So many choices. The lot up the road has a 2002 focus wagon with 34,000 miles on it that we could get for less than $8000, versus buying a new base model manual sedan for $14,000. I think we'll be going over to drive both tonight. Seems like there are so many possibly decent choices out there that the only way we'll be able to choose a car is through great prayer and study!

Sammy got groomed. He mainly needed his nails trimmed, but the groomer was unable to do his back nails because he was freaking out so much, she was afraid that she would cause him a heart attack or a nosebleed. Dang it, so now he stil needs his nails trimmed. But he has the closest shave he's ever had around the face so, even though he looks like an alien, Natalie can't pull his hair as easily. It's great- they are learning to play much better now- Natalie continully crawls after him and he walks away from her. It's good exercise for both of them. Here is is trying to bury his bone in our bed.
Speaking of our bed, Micah and I have been able to actually enjoy sleeping in it by ourselves for the recent days (at least for the first part of the night), as Natalie can now fall asleep in her own bed if she is patted and sung to. We love her way-cool crib and linens that my Dadio brought down and set up!

At SteaknShake last night, Natalie got her first pickle- and she seemed to like it!

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