Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Last week in Boston!

IT is coming just in time. Natalie is becoming more and more interested in her surroundings and this house is way gross and has way too many dangerous things around. She is obsessed with crawling under the coffee table and then can't get back out without hitting her head. She keeps going for the gap behind the fridge which is disgusting and she keeps holding onto the couch to stand up, but the loose couch covers usually usually don't support her weight and she just pulls it down and falls.

We're super busy- Micah and I have both had some church responsibilities this week- I was assigned to be support staff at the temple yesterday and Micah is going out with the missionaries today. I feel a little bit relieved that this place is so run down since it might not be as obvious if we just do a quick clean rather than a deep, thorough clean. Packing bit by bit as I am able between playing with Natalie, who has been super clingy and emotional lately. She almost never will just sit by herself and play with toys. Even if I get her engaged and then go to the other room to organize things, she starts crying. When I come back in the room, she's just sitting there crying, with her hands up in the air, wanting to be picked up. If I'm in the room sitting nearby though, she's fine. So, my strategy is to bring everything out into the livingroom so I can pack and stuff out here while she's playing.

The other night she managed to detatch one of the straps of her diaper and just kept crawling around, dragging it lower and lower.

She has a tooth now. It has just barely come through the gums. Hopefully the other bottom center tooth is on her way. But she chews everything she can now!
A girl from church gave us some baby toys. She had way too many. So I sorted through and organized some to give to my nephew who is a little younger and would appreciate the gym more. Natalie is somewhat interested in the new toys, but Sammy is CRAZY about them. Fortunately he isn't the type to destroy the toys he plays with, so its not a super big deal when he makes off with a toy here or there. The problem is that Sammy comes up to Natalie when she has a toy he likes, then she reaches for him and pulls his hair. Not cool. They had a run-in yesterday and he nipped at her her hand after she pulled his hair. I think they'll learn in time how to deal with one another.

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