Friday, August 3, 2012

Silly Girl

I just got Natalie to fall asleep in her own bed.YAY! This is the 3rd time in about a week, a great success! I have learned that she enjoys being read to- not just her own baby books, like Pat th Bunny and Goodnight Moon and Hello Baby, which we read together to begin the night ritual- from long chapter-like books. It started with the Hobbit. A few (or 25 or 40...) pages of sing-song reading voice from mommy and she eventually settles down. The funniest part (to me at least) is her preferred position. She crawls on her tummy, nestling her head into the corner of the pack and play, and then scrunches up her body with her legs and arms underneath her. Silly girl.

I'm reading Walden by Henry David Thoreou, since the folks we're renting had it here on the bookself. It's not great as a story book, but it's better than nothing. I'm considering visiting the giant used bookstore up the street to buy something for us to read while we travel back down south next week. When we get back home, I can start to read her Harry Potter and Narnia. Searching lists of the top children's books to add to our collection....
My ideas on what to read next:
Charlotte's Web
Secret Garden
Anne of Green Gables
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Little Women
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
In other news, Micah is way into the Olympics. Like, WAY into them. Who knew? I'm glad he has something to be excited about. I just wish we didn't stay up so late every night watching!

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  1. Marc is the exact same with the Olympics! We stay up way too late watching them!