Monday, August 27, 2012

Our New Wheels

After much frustration, we have finally gotten a vehicle to replace the late Chevy Prizm (may it rest in pieces). Later, I will have to describe the trauma of car shopping. In retrospect, maybe I will think it was funny rather than miserable. It reached its peak of horribleness on Saturday evening and I spent Sunday just wishing we could agree to go without a car and just rely on public transportation. Sunday night and Monday morning, Micah did a lot of research online and we expanded our search to farther dealers. Micah skipped school because if we didn't find anything else we liked, we were gonna settle on a pretty good deal for a 2012 Ford Focus.
We ended up with a good car- feel that we paid a good price and that it will meet our needs well. It is a 2010 Hyundai Elantra manual transmission with 33,600 miles on it. It's certified pre-owned, with a few months left of completely comprehensive warranty, 2 years of limited comprehensive (everything but the electronics basically) and 17 years of powertrain warranty- so no more anxiety over the continuous engine problems like we had with the prizm. Hopefully this car should last us a good, long time and if there is anything wrong with it we will find out in time for the dealer to take care of it.
Isn't it pretty?

Even though appearance was not a consideration when buying (dealers kept laughing at me when I asked if they happened to recieve any trade ins that had been through a hail storm that they could offer us a great deal on), I do think that it's pretty dang stylish. Not as sport as the new 2012 model that we were originally looking at, but we dig it.

Micah did great at figuring out how to drive a manual, so by the time we have to return my Dad's car, we should both be pros.

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  1. Sweet!! And, Micah will be fine with the standard transmission. You are in a "no snow" area, and not many hills to challenge any clutch control. What sort of mileage... oh, hey, I can look that up what it's projecte to get.

    But, most importantly.... How does Natalie like it?