Sunday, July 24, 2011

Visiting the Haley's

This week, we visited Chere (Micah's sister) and her husband and 3 kids out in Charlotte, NC. My greatest regret is that I never got out the camera to take pictures of all of us together!

Chere's kids are awesome. Her youngest 2 1/2 year old was really cranky last time we saw him from being sick, but this week he was really fun. He was smiley and playful and cute. We brought Sammy and were a little bit worried about them, but they did great together. Her daughter is such a nice, spunky young lady and her son is funny and sassy. It was great to spend the week with them. We were pretty relaxed and watched movies, played games. They live on Lake Wylie and so we swam a couple of times and went out boating. Micah wake boarded. Unfortunately, it was a crazy hot week and even the lake water was super warm, so we didn't do that much outdoors.

Micah continues P90X. I keep discouraging him because he spends an annoyingly long amount of time each day on exercise, but it is definitely showing some results.

Here we have his before picture and his 60 day picture. Only 30 more days to go! The tan doesn't hurt either...

And while Micah grows gradually thinner and more muscular, I am becoming chubby and round. Here is my 16-week picture. Chere was able to pass along some maternity clothes. Thank goodness! I had finally gotten to big for my jeans and could only wear my baggy T-shirts. I've developed a nice little pooch. Hopefully this Tuesday, we will find out the gender. They usually check during an ultrasound that is given at 18-20 weeks, but because I will be moving to another doctor in Atlanta after this visit, they might go ahead and to the fetal anatomy survey a week and a half early. IF the positioning of the peanut is agreeable and the parts are developed enough, it is probable that we will find out the gender. It will be easier to tell if it is a boy, for obvious reasons. We would be excited either way (though last week after visiting Chere's, Micah decided that boys are more fun...), but it would be exciting to know.

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