Sunday, July 10, 2011

Last Week in Pictures

We didn't do too much this week. After the exciting 4th of July that we enjoyed preceeded by the Crazy house-hunting trip to Georgia, we spent this week resting up.

Blake provided a good example for us in this department. I just had to update some pictures before we visit Darlene and Erik in NY next week and have even more stuff to share.

Just thought that you might want to see how well Sammy and Pumpkin have been getting along. They get a little snarky once in a while, but overall, they are making progress. They play wrestle together and now they can even both receive attention simultaneously without growling jealously at each other!

Here, Sammy enjoys our little peanut's first gift- a blanket from Grandma Farr. It's very light and soft and she said she was aiming for a gender-neutral pattern. I think it looks great!

Here, Dad plays games on his iPad with some kid while LeAnn looks on cheerfully waiting for the 4th of July fireworks. Meanwhile, a child catches Micah's head on fire with a sparkler.

I mentioned how lovely the Southport parade was.

Particularly enjoyed the clowns, who sometimes threw candy which I shamelessly ran out into the road to gather, pushing aside all the small children.

I also enjoyed the bands. I didn't know that NC State had a bagpipe band! I have much more respect for Paco's school of choice now...

On the other front, we have gone into a binding agreement with one townhome (listed at 64K, accepted our offer at 50k) but still plan to make another offer on the similar townhome listed at 45k. We first offered 31k just to see how desperate they were to sell, and after a painful week of waiting they finally told us that there had been another offer and they want out highest and best offer. We are going to offer 40k, but buying this place would be more complicated because of loan restrictions and so we might not really save much money if we get it for just a few thousand less than the other place. So, the good news is that we are under contract with one place that we love and have 10 days to back out if the other bank accepts our 40k offer for a nearly identical place. Yay! We won't be homeless!

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