Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Angela learned to use the potty the other day, so I let her pick out some undies at the store. Since then, it hasn't been going so well. Mostly, she is just enraged that I won't constantly give her juice like I did the first day.

We now have all 7 of our chickens laying. huzzah! That darker one in the middle is from the welsummer, the last one we've been waiting on.

There's much talk of Natalie and planning for Kindergarten next year. Natalie has been accepted into a charter school that is very prestigious and competitive- we don't know anyone else who got in- but I'm less than thrilled about it. It's a bit far, as I've mentioned I think, and will make for a lot of time driving to and from each day. But also, it starts later than most elementary schools. We have had a temple group of parents who swap babysitting once a month and if Natalie goes to the school for science, we won't be able to participate. Which is lame, since I have attended the temple more consistently in the last 8 months than possibly ever before. We could still participate, but just show up late and do initiatories and endowments. Or maybe just have Natalie skip school once a month- surely they won't challenge an absence if I claim that we were "out of town for purposes of religious worship", right? I just turned in an appliction to one more school- a charter school that is closer to home and starts earlier in the morning, but they have very few seats and tons of applicants. So I'll just be crossing my fingers over here until mid-April when we find out about that. Also, I'll be trying to enjoy the last few months of this before these frequent school-free weekdays disappear!

Tarzan and the girls

Micah will be going away to CA for a conference in a couple of weeks. We're also working out upcoming plans for a trip to visit family in North Carolina in April, a trip to visit Micah's family in June, Boy Scout Camp and a High Adventure trip for Micah in June and July. We were asked to be a Ma and Pa for our stake's trek in July and we declined- if finding someone to watch our kids and Micah already taking off so much time from work for other youth activities weren't enough of an excuse, I would straight up hate it and nobody under my stewardship would have a positive experience.

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