Monday, March 20, 2017

"I Didn't Caught One!"

Natalie sharing her lunch with batman

This is what happens when the most indecisive person in the family picks out their donut first
All snazzed up for a girls' night out this week, rocking my elephant shawl and earrings from sister-in-law Kathryn 

Seaworld under-the-floor aquarium

Sorry, I don't have too many good pictures to share! I will have to get Micah to upload some of the ones on his phone to share.

We had a lot of fun on Saint Patrick's Day, visiting Seaworld and then going to the Annual Deseret Ranch Rodeo in the evening. After the rodeo events, they let the kids come out into the arena and they release a trailer full of kids and let the kids try to catch them. Both girls had fun running around in the "pig scramble", but were both distraught afterward that they didn't catch a pig. Micah was all like, "Hmm, I wonder where they get their refusal to accept failure?" or some less flattering comment.

Things have slowed down at Painting with a Twist and it's been nice. The first few months we had a TON of business and I had worked every single weekend since Christmas, plus a handful of weeknights. I love, love, love working there but it was getting to be a little exhausting! Last Saturday I only taught one class and made 2 paintings or future classes and the week before that was the first one besides my week with pnemonia that I didn't have to work at all. When I'm scheduled as a floor artist (i.e. assistant), it's nice because I only have to come in if the class registration exceeds a certain number. Working every other weekend or so will be just about right for me.

Micah is away at a conference in California this week. He waited until the night before to pack and had to run to walmart 9 hours before his flight took off to buy button-down shirts because he realized he didn't own enough. Ah, the burden of casual work dress.

Natalie is doing well, she loves candy and pokemon. She was super sad on Saturday night when she realized that Daddy would be leaving in the morning. She cried for the better part of an hour, saying she didn't want him to go and that he is her bestest friend. She insisted on going downstairs to draw a picture of him, just in case she didn't remember what he looks like in the morning. She had hiccups on Sunday and was literally crying off and on all day because she didn't like the hiccups.

Angela is doing well at home with the potty training thing. She wears panties at home and is fully capable of doing the bathroom thing unassisted. She has very few accidents at home but pees freely  when not at home. Not sure how to teach her to tell me when she has to go. Micah began to introduce the candy incentive. Uhhhh, didn't want to go there, but it works! Angela loves taking baths, making messes and beating up on Natalie.

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