Monday, February 27, 2017

Bathroom Adventures

We've been especially busy lately. We hired a contractor to work on our upstair bathroom- replacing a wall-to-wall built-in vanity with a smaller single sink and relocating the toilet to make more open space. The guy was eager to begin the very next week, insisting he was very available and had a big job coming up the following week and could use this job to 'fill in the time'. He told us multiple times that it should take 2 days. They were here for 7 days, with a 3-day weekend in the middle, most days just having someone working for a couple of hours in the late morning. Ugh. If I had wanted to take over a week, I could have saved more money by just hiring a plumber to move the plumbing and then a handyman to do the floor and install the toilet and sink. In the end- not only did it take over a week and a half, but the floor looks TERRIBLE. Super unevenly spaced, most tiles are dramatically not level, large debris in the grout and lots of places where the tile was cut too small and they just filled to the wall with an inch of grout. They said that they would come back and redo the floor this week, but I was expecting them today and nobody showed up. So, hopefully I can get them back here to fix it without having to get mean and destroy their brand with online reviews. 

In other news, our White Leghorn laid her first egg on Sunday. We collected this lovely batch of eggs after church.

Our kids are fighting nonstop these days and it's making me a little crazy. Here's Angela showing off her bruise from a 3-day-old bite mark that Natalie did NOT get punished for because Angela had been picking on her for several consecutive hours leading up to the incident and Angela had it coming.

Overall, we're just trying to keep up with the demands of work, church callings, crazy children bent on killing themselves and one another, and tax season. 

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