Tuesday, October 4, 2016

To Infinity and Beyond!

Someone (lookin' at you, Angela!!!) scribbled all over my calendar in pen on the very first of the month. Great. Thirty more days til I can flip to a clean page. If I miss anything in the coming weeks, I am 100% blaming this.

Saturday we had a lovely day at the Kennedy Space Center. The kids were a little wild and quickly got tired of all of the educational presentations that we adults were enjoying, but there were still some kid-friendly things that kept them happy.

The space station! Crawling through a clear tube suspended over a second story. Yikes! Angela wasn't scared at all, while Micah was worried about the weight limit of the tube...

We had so much fun having Grandpa visit last week. Natalie cried when she learned Saturday night that he would be leaving in the morning. So sad.
Now things are back to normal, with this being about as much fun as we have...

We are in the last week of the girls' swim lessons. They may have to add on another extra make-up class next week, though. We have had a lot of cancellations because of lightning. So far, out of 8 scheduled classes, 4 have been cancelled and one stopped 10 minutes early because of storms. Girls have loved it and learned a ton. 

Natalie working on kicking off from the wall, swimming out and then flipping over onto her back to breathe. She's the pink underwater blur in front of the big guy (her teacher, "Mr. Awesome")

Angela has been working on more basic but important maneuvers, such as not freaking out and squirming while an adult holds you up in the water and playing fetch with little floating rubber animal toys.

Hurricane Matthew is the talk of the town right now. We're under a hurricane watch, expected to become a warning by tomorrow morning. We're stocked on food, water and batteries. We'll bring loose items from the yard inside, fill up on gas for the cars and fill tubs with extra water as get closer to Thursday night. We don't have hurricane shutters or a generator, the only things we sort of regret at this point. The forecast has the eye of the storm staying off the coast to the east, so hopefully things won't be that bad, but of course, projections could change quickly. I don't expect anything catastrophic, though the slim possibility is always there. There is potential for a broken window or other minor damage, but we can survive annoying inconveniences. The most probably scenario will be sitting around bored in a hot house if we lose electricity. So all we can really do now is crank down the a/c and watch plenty of television while we still can! And repent, of course. Just in case :)

I may have a pretty neat opportunity coming up in a few months. There is a second ward that meets in our chapel and they asked me to come and lead a zumba class for their monthly activity in September. A few of the ladies enjoyed it enough to start joining us on Monday mornings when I lead a class at the church while all of our kids run around and play in the back of the gym. One of the girls is married to a guy who got his BFA at BYU. They are opening up a Painting with a Twist franchise and invited me to be a teacher. Painting with a Twist is a fun studio where you can go with a group of friends or a date and all make the same painting with a teacher walking you through the basic steps. It would be awesome! Right up my alley and perfect because they will be busiest and need people most on weekends when Micah could be home to watch the kids. It would be up in Cocoa, a little far away, but each class is 2-3 hours plus an hour of prep and cleanup, so I wouldn't be driving just to be there for 45 minutes then drive back home. They aren't opening until November, but I'm pretty jazzed. Also, last week a zumba instructor at LA Fitness asked if I might be interested in taking one of her classes- on Friday evening. Unfortunately, if I'm going to be doing this, it would really limit our family time to also teach zumba every Friday, so I may have to decline. Hopefully something else will come up! Teaching zumba has been so much fun so far. I was asked to participate in a fundraiser a few weeks ago and it was a blast leading a few songs in a gymnasium full of people! 

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