Friday, September 30, 2016


 Grandpa's been visiting the last few days, so we've been showing him around. He joined us at the Zoo, where Natalie taught him a bit about veterinary medicine.

And Grandpa got to step in and be in Angela's swim class with her. It ended 10 minutes early because of lightning and Angela cried wildly, in a display of great, tragic sorrow.

She really seems to like the water!

And here's Natalie with her swim teacher. I am very impressed with how far she has come with just a few months of lessons! In July, she would cry if she got water on her face. Now, she is swimming underwater for several body lengths and practicing how to flip onto her back to take a breath to continue swimming.

 We went bowling together this morning and Natalie especially seemed to have a lot of fun.

My Dad's score wad 157, I think. Very close game between him and Micah! As for me, well, I tried hard but just couldn't catch up to either of the kids. Maybe next time I'll use bumpers...

One major highlight- we took my Dad to Epcot! We shcmoozed with a few stuffed animal guys, enjoyed some fun rides and ate some overpriced food :)

Micah took Angela to see Mickey for the first time while I was on a ride with Natalie and I was bummed that I missed it- when she saw him, she went up and hugged him and wouldn't let go!

This was also our first time getting Natalie to work up the courage to meet a character. When we tried to meet Anna and Elsa, she buried her head in my shoulder and wouldn't even look at them. So, this represents great progress!
We went to Hollywood Studios to see the new Star Wars fireworks display. Fun, fun, fun! 

We spent about 11 hours total disneying and My Dad's fitbit logged over 20,000 steps. Phwew! We were lucky to have a bit of cloud coverage so that it wasn't too, too hot, but we got pretty sweaty anyhow. Just so many things to see and experience!

Tonight there should be some kayaking fun if the weather cooperates and we're planning to check out Kennedy Space Center tomorrow. It's cool playing tourists in our own backyard here when family come to visit.

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