Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Halloween Costumes

Over the weekend, we went to our first Halloween activity- a family festival at Natalie's preschool. It was super crowded, but we got free hot dogs, went on a few inflatable slides and obstacle courses and did a little trunk-or-treating. I was stealing the children's' good chocolate AS we went through the line of cars and Micah was totally embarrassed.

 They love their costumes! Angela is now the third user of this Minnie costume made by my sister and Natalie still doesn't quite realize that Darth Vader is a bad guy. All she knows is that he has a red lightsaber and red is her favorite color!

The kids bravely flying down this slide on a potato sack. I was pretty impressed by even Angela's ability to climb the ladders to get to the top.

The chickens have taken to patrolling our breakfast nook window more and more, with no special encouragement from us. It's kind of fun having them eat with us or watch our craft time. They're wisely scared of Sammy, though, who is also spending more time at this window. 

These girls are sweet and little. They are almost a month old. I must have learned a few good tricks on how to setup a successful brooder after our last round of raising chicks, because these ones don't stink nearly as much. 

When we have downtime, we like going out for snacks or hitting the beach, which is still pretty messy with garbage and seaweed blown up from the hurricane. The boardwalk is a site of major Pokemon Go activity, so Micah and Natalie like catching exciting pokemon while Angela and I visit the water.

I haven't done a ton of cooking lately, but I did have an opportunity to try out my new cookie cutters for a relief society activity (Christmas crafts in October)

I also adapted my mom's stroganoff recipe to a crockpot for those days when we're busy right befoe dinnertime. It was amazing.

We've had to start our garden over after the hurricane destroyed all but a couple of bush bean plants and one sad, little tomato seedling that's fading fast. 

I'm beginning to appreciate the importance of letting kids be bored. It's hard with so many things to offer to entertain them. But, occasionally, when we have downtime, the kids just sit around.

I am going to start teaching a zumba class on Thursday evenings. The class is at a storefront that sells nutritional supplements/cleanses/meal replacements/diet coaching where they offer various fit camps and exercise classes to their clients. I'm cautiously optimistic. If we can get a good-sized crowd coming, it will be a blast and a good way to pay to keep my license up. But I'm a little nervous that the owner will want me to start independently selling his products and services. I'm happy to promote his stuff while I'm there, but I'm not that into it myself. They're all about clean eating and I'm over here binge eating sugar cookies. But I respect what they're doing and feel like the owner is a respectable guy. Hopefully it goes well! I start next week.

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