Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Fun Never Ends!

Things have been busy but not too crazy in the Jenkins household. First, as soon as we returned from our trip to NC, Micah busted his lip open at wrestling club and had to get 6 stitches. 

Our chickens have been doing great. Blondie the easter-egger had stopped laying because of the heat, but last week he had a brief dip in temperatures  and so she's back to laying. Here, Dr. Natalie inspects the chickens' health with her doctor kit instruments.

The week of low temperatures was the short-lived consequence of Hurricane Hermine, which caused us a lot of anxiety as it was projected to hit very close to us while it was still out in the Bahamas, but then it went way farther south into the Caribbean before circling back to hit the panhandle. So, while our neighbors up in the Big Bend area were watching their houses swept away by floodwater, we were romping around Disneyworld enjoying the cool air and the short lines. 

We got to check out the new Frozen ride at Epcot and it was way fun (though the experience was somewhat diminished by the guy in front of us taking flash pictures throughout the entire duration of the ride).

Finishing up a sweaty, muggy day with some Fantasmic magic!

Natalie is enjoying preschool. It's still tough to get used to her routine of getting up and out the door, but we keep working at it. She comes home with lots of energy, so we're probably going to let her do another month of swim lessons (which she really seems to like) and then maybe soccer or gymnastics or some other such activity. 

Mainly, Natalie is just working on keeping balance as she adjusts to the new schedules and demands that come as we grow.

tree pose

She comes home and shares fun songs that she's learning, such as 'the opposites song' and 'rock and roll body parts', a song that-as far as I can tell- consists of thrashing around wildly while howling the names of different parts of your body. She's finally getting to know the names of other kids in her class. She loves some girl named Kaitlyn but all she can tell me about this girl is that she has pink shoes. One phrase she has bought hime is, "You get what you get and you don't throw a fit," Yeah, I think I like her teacher a lot.

Me and the girls made pretzels the other weekend and Micah loved them so much, I made another batch the very next day. They were fun and yummy.

Here we have Angela standing on a jar of olives to reach some forbidden object high on the counter and Angela trying to scale the hutch to smash all of the fine dinnerware. She sure is something. I don't know what, but certainly something.

Natalie got to bring an item for show and tell last week. She asked me to give her six ponytails for the occasion.

We are counting down the days til halloween. After some ebay scouring, we got Natalie the darth vader costume she has been desiring for months. Now we just need a lightsaber. I think Angela is gonna be Minnie Mouse. I'm trying to convince Micah to go with me as the husband and wife from the painting American Gothic.

Angela has been busy herself. She still misses Natalie and cries most days when we drop her off for preschool. One day last week she declared, "I want to keep Natalie forever!" So, I try to keep her busy with fun stuff. She started doing joy school once a week. I hosted last week and, though it certainly wasn't unmanageable, watching 7 2-year-olds really took it out of me for the rest of the day. 

Angela has stopped sleeping. She rarely takes naps and won't go to sleep until 9:30 or 10 at night, then tries to come in and sleep with us several times a night. She just keeps getting up and saying, "All done. Wake up." over, and over and over. I think the full implications of her being able to climb out of her crib have finally taken hold in her crazy little brain. She has always loved being in control. Anyway, for now we've got a very tired, cranky toddler on our hands and we're enduring a lot of this:

I dug out the old paints to make a few little things to put up around the house. I had fun making a little watercolor for my sister recently and decided I should really do more art. I enjoy it so much. It's just hard to find time when the children aren't hanging on me. Hopefully these turn out well!

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