Monday, May 23, 2016


Sharing a drink. Ah, how sweet

Love me some help in the kitchen. 

Natalie graduated from Joy school last week. On to pre-k in the fall!

Sunday afternoon

Natalie randomly put out the yoga mat and tried getting Angela into the happy baby pose

In other news, our garden has been under attack from....


Tomato worms

And some kind of stinkbug/beetle thing.

I've sprayed and sprayed to no avail. I even set the chickens loose in the garden so that they would eat some of the bugs and instead they ate all the pepper and bean plants, the only ones NOT yet affected by bugs. Thanks a lot.

Hang in there, little guy! Our one and only canteloupe.

I mowed and trimmed the yard and did a bit of pruning Saturday. The vines are growing back where we decimated the jungle at the back of our property, so we'd better get a handle on that before the evil vines take over this tree that the girls like to climb.

Our chickens have been doing great. The surprise easter egger that lays green eggs (we thought he was a rhode island red) has been more productive than anticipated. They are supposed to lay 3-4 eggs a week, but we have had one every single day for the last 6 days. Hopefully she can keep up that momentum- if we can get 6 a week from each, that will definitely keep our egg carton full!

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