Friday, May 13, 2016

A Full Week!

We enjoyed our trip up to Raleigh for Paco's graduation last weekend. I was happy and proud of Paco, glad for the opportunity to meet his fiance, and of course thrilled that the kids got some cousin time in.

The trip was not without its frustrations, including a near-death experience when a truck almost ran into us and being chewed out by a lady for our kids' disruptive behavior during the convocation ceremony, but hey- we're alive and that grouchy lady can go %($&@%@ *$%@#&U~ Q#$(%&!

That is one heck of a drive to tackle in one day, though. Mothers day was spent listening to this for 10.5 hours...

The stinky girls, as I affectionately call our hens, were glad for our return. They have had lots of free time to forage around the yard and have laid 2 eggs a day every day since we got back.

Tuesday, Natalie's joy school group got to go to the fire station to check out the trucks and meet the firemen. It seemed pretty cool- I would definitely recommend it as a career path to someone not interested in the traditional 4-year-college plan but wanting more stability and family life than an entry-level military career.
Wednesday, we had a tough day at the dentist. Natalie has several cavities (I blame the heinous quantity of jelly beans consumed for potty training) and she was NOT happy about getting x-rays. They took her back without me and I could hear her screaming and crying from the waiting room. When I came back, she was huddled in a ball on the floor bawling with her whole face bright red and her eyes bloodshot. She's gonna have to have a conscious sedation and it's just gonna be a big ordeal. Not looking forward to it. 

Thursday, I took the girls out to a state park at an inlet by the beach. It was a 40 minute drive, so not somewhere I'll take them too often, but we loved it. Spent 4 1/2 hours and still had to drag them away. It was really nice because the water on the lagoon side of the island had shallow, still water where the girls could play without much risk of getting scared (Natalie) or swept out into the ocean (Angela). It was cloudy and we wore sunscreen and I still got burned and the girls got a beautiful tan. Urgh.

This is Angela refusing to leave.
They both got lots of compliments on their elmo suits. I'm in the market for a new swimsuit, I guess I'd better get one that matches theirs!

Micah pressure washed the house today and it looks magnificent. The white parts were all green and yucky with pollen, mold and dust. Now, they pretty much glow. 

What a man

He cleaned one of the paver stones in the area behind our porch and.... dang it. Now we have to clean all of them. I knew they were a bit dirty and moldy. I did NOT realize that, underneath it all, our brown paver stones are actually cream colored.

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