Monday, April 4, 2016

Ya win some, ya lose some

I have finally replaced my camera! First bought a cheaper model; decided it was crap and returned it; tried to find an exact replacement for my old camera; discovered that there was a newer, cheaper, improved model; found that there was a comparably priced newer, improved model of that one and then purchased it! It's got a few settings that seem dumb and it still doesn't take good shots in bad lighting (the tragic flaw of the sony cybershot, I guess!), but it takes decent enough shots and was cheap enough that I don't have to freak out about keeping it nice. 

First off, home improvement projects going well. The very weekend we bought our house 6 months ago, I snagged this kitchen cart on the side of the road. It was birch colored with a super scarred finish, 2 broken wheels and a major case of the nasties. But it was real wood so I recognized potential and snatched it. Took it to the back shed, cleaned it off, sanded it down and then never got around to painting it. Micah brought it inside and finished the paint this weekend and it looks great!
I feel like it relates well to the kitchen cupboards and adds some continuity.
Our garden is going great- we've got at least a dozen little bity tomatoes growing and the chickens are doing well- could possibly begin laying withing a week now. Our lawn was looking pretty shabby, but I fertilized and watered it and as spring has set in, the front yard at least has gotten fuller and greener. I finally replaced our old, faded American Flag and for the first time since we've lived here, all of our interior and exterior light bulbs work.

Unfortunately, houses wear easier than they are improved. Most notably, Natalie just spilled a huge puddle of water on our engineered hardwood dining room floor while I was putting Angela down for a nap and now one of the panels is warped and ruined. We have extras, but it will take some knowledge, time and tools to fix. Also, I really want to pressure wash all the gunk on the white panel portions of our house, but have no idea how to go about pressure washing the side of a second story. I'd much rather buy a pressure washer and do it ourselves than pay someone to come and do it, but I'm worried it would be dangerous. We shall see- maybe buying a bigger ladder and a super long hose attachment for the equipment...

 Now, on to the important stuff: cute pictures of the girls:

Don't you just hate it when you fall asleep reading?

Beautiful dress my sister made for her daughter and Natalie and Angela for our step brothers' upcoming wedding.

As I was getting ready to go to the gym, Natalie wanted to be my twin

Pirate growl

Some yummy general conference snacks

eggs benedict- hopefully by October I'll have my own eggs to use! It was nice to have leftover Easter ham this year.

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