Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter Cuteness

Just some quick pictures to share of our Easter festivities!

Natalie and her friend gathering flowers to dye eggs

Left to right: hibiscus, onion skin, tumeric, green tea, beet juice. They all faded significantly once they dried. The only one I would try again would be onion skin.

 I was nervous making rolls for Easter dinner. Since moving, every time I've made bread, it didn't turn out so well and I was wondering if something about the humidity here made them not rise as well. Turns out, it was because I wasn't using bread flour. Bread flour went on sale last week and I made these fabulous rolls for Easter dinner. Gotta find a place to buy cheap, bulk bread flour! I never expected to miss costco so much!

 The girls looked darling for church and had a great time hunting for Easter eggs before we headed out.

Another one of those classic "this is the very definition of being a younger sister" moments

We've got a crazy month ahead of us- every week through May is packed with plans. Micah was finally sustained as scoutmaster/deacon's quorum adviser/ym's 2nd counselor and has trainings and a campout as well as Wednesday night activities to attend every week now. I decided to sign up for a Zumba instructor's course this month instead of waiting until May. It turned out to be very provident because my favorite instructor pulled me aside just yesterday to tell me she is having surgery and will need a partner to help demonstrate her routines while she does the low-impact variations for several weeks. It will be nice practice to be in front of a class. I've got my relief society work, a stake campout and service project, helping with Natalie's joy school, taking kids to playgroups, and then in a few weeks, brother Blake getting married in Denver and brother Paco graduating in Raleigh the following weekend. And Natalie is begging to squeeze in one more Disney day before it gets too hot and crowded and we take a break until September. Phwew! I have decided to let myself form a caffeine addiction to carry me through. Don't judge me.

Lastly, a quick story: Relief Society president is out of town. I was asked to take food orders for welfare recipients. I was on the hone with an older lady to get her order. I tried to make it quick, but she kept gabbing and gabbing and gabbing, telling me about the soup she likes to make, how she made herself a sandwich yesterday, even the details about the constipation she's experiencing. Okay, I just need to know what food you want to order, you don't have to justify or explain anything to me! All the while, Natalie kept trying to take my pen and draw on the order form and Angela was crying to be held. I finally just locked myself in the office, finished up taking the order, and came out to find- Natalie cutting her hair. Fortunately, it was mostly just her bangs and she didn't go too short. But, seriously, God?! When I lock myself in a room to care for the needs of a fellow sister, you're supposed to persuade my children to behave! Hahaha. Eh, knowing my kids, they probably felt the spirit telling them to kindly and quietly play toys and so they immediately looked around for the closest disobedient or destructive thing to do to chase away that terrible feeling!

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