Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Random Bits

Cute moments:

Natalie helping Angela put her shoes on

Playing with Daddy outside when he gets home from work. Everybody's favorite time of day... excluding, maybe, Daddy...

Sunday afternoon nap

And, a spontaneous snugglefest...

Gotta capture those sweet moments when I can, because the rest of my life goes like this:

Last weekend we had a great time camping with the stake. The girls keep talking about throwing pinecones into the fire (they turn into a giant ball of flames) and sleeping in the cave (tent). It was fun but exhausting.

The kids had Doritos for the first time and they thought they were the most amazing food ever. This is a really bad picture of Angela chasing me with her cheesy fingers.

 Campfire story time. Natalie was pretty into it.

What's going on:
  • This Friday, we're off to Diseyworld, probably the last time til fall when crowds and temperatures go back down
  • Saturday, I'm attending training to become a licensed Zumba instructor
  • We NEEEEEEED to find time to pressure wash the house and seal the fence, but saturdays are booked solid for 4 more weeks.
  • Anticipating our first chicken egg any day now, though no guarantee for 8 more weeks
  • We got a Sam's Club membership on a groupon deal. It isn't anywhere near as awesome as our old Costco :(
  • Natalie and Angela are currently obsessed with Winnie the Pooh, Micaky's Christmas Carol, the Llama Llama books and Walter Wicks' Can You See What I See books about Seymour
  • Micah loves my homemade cinnamon rolls and asked me to make them again this weekend. I have finally transformed him into a sweets addict.

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