Monday, March 23, 2015

Zoo, St. Patrick's Day, Plants

Last week we got out to the zoo with some friends to enjoy the gorgeous spring weather. 

Checking out the naked mole rats and wondering at how much they have in common- naked, cramped up in a small house, snuggling.

Now that Angela is up on her 2 feet, she is a lot more fun at the park. She climbs up steps and gets interested in things that are a little too ambitious at times.

We had a fun St. Patrick's day- Natalie was thrilled that we got marshmallow cereal for breakfast. She totally killed the box trying to get to the cereal before we got downstairs to help.

We made these versions of a shamrock shake
and they were really good! I've made them twice more, once using some chocolate ganache that never set for a cake I made last week. It was AAAAMAAAAAZZIIIIIIINGGGG.

It's hard o capture Angela's cuteness. She is the chunkiest little monster ever and has tons of personality.

We've finally gotten a decent streak of sleep- only waking up a few times- for the past week. Just in time to go on a trip next weekend and throw it off! Haha. We're at that awkward transition where she still really needs two naps but often only takes one. She's a monster by 4pm on one nap days and a total delight on two nap days.

 Natalie has been spending a lot of time playing up in the windowsill hiding behind the curtain. It's her special little place, I guess.

And, on Saturday I swung by an estate sale on my way home from a children's consignment sale (over 50 clothing/shoe items for the girls for $60!!!) and got this sweet little basin for $1. Perk up, little cilantro!

I also scored another big planter that I'm saving for tomatoes, which I started with seeds in old plastic bottles in our window. Hope I kill fewer things this year than last year!

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