Tuesday, April 14, 2015

HA! You thought I forgot, did't you?!

Here are some pictures from Christmas time. This was our first time using our new zoo membership with our friends Alex and Amelia visiting.

Christmas morning lasted well into the afternoon, with the kids wanting to enjoy every toy and stocking item thoroughly before moving on to the next.

Breakfast of champions: Ham & eggs & nerds

Santa brought Natalie the one thing she asked for- a plane!

And Sammy helped Angela open a lot of her presents. Grandpa, if nobody else, will be interested to see that Natalie made Daddy put together her scooter right away to take for a ride outside.

The day after Christmas we went on a last-minute-planned jaunt up to Wilmington for the weekend because I couldn't be the only one of my siblings not there. I couldn't risk my rank on the favorite child scale!

Natalie got some good cousin time in.

And, of course, some solid Grandpa time, as well. 

We did the Carolina Beach Park lights, as it just wouldn't be a holiday Wilmington trip without it.

It provided a rare opportunity to get all these people in front of the same camera.

And our holiday break ended with the celebration of Natalie's 3rd birthday.  For breakfast, the birthday princess got to choose her own cereal at the store. She wanted chocolate and went for the one with the tiger on it. We went to the mall with her best friend and rode the merry-go-round and went on the little train that rides drives around the halls. Then she got to pick lunch at the food court- all she wanted was lemonade, so she got a chick-fil-e kids meal- and finish it off with ice cream. Also, stopped and played at the Lego store.

She actually ended up getting scared and we sat on the bench of the carousel, but still fun!

And, Angela was cute. As usual.

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