Friday, March 6, 2015

Angela Walks

This kid is now walking. She has done well at gradually tackling the challenge, taking just one step, then a few. Even now, she has only ever taken like 8-10 steps even though it's been over a week. I'm just grateful she isn't taking off out of control, because she hasn't gotten hurt by falling and running into things. 

Here we are in our sweet green attire from LeAnn. The girls love their outfits... they just don't understand camera timers and posing....

Natalie is learning to form letters and can now write her name!
Well, sort of. From right to left, this reads (N A T A L O I E. She's almost there!


  1. Did Natalie just call you "Sarah Jane?" :D

  2. No, that was a friend we were watching.