Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Random Happenings + SNOWPACOLYPSE 2.0

Angela has learned to pull wipes out. Aaaaaand the wipes will never be safe again.

Double Airplane

I learnes to make steakhouse-style molasses bread and  have been learning some new vegetable sides, like this brussle sprout, pecan and craisin roast with feta on top.

Angela now climbs the stairs now, often quickly and without my aid/knowledge. It's a miracle she hasn't had any serious fall. 

It snowed early this morning and we hurried to get out to play in it before it all melted

Angela was less than thrilled and insisted on being held the entire time.

Everything should be clear by this afternoon but they are forecasting more snow tomorrow night. Micah will be flying back from New Mexico late tonight and flying out to Florida tomorrow afternoon, so hopefully none of his travel will be affected. So far, Corning has hinted and Sandia has outright told him that he will be getting offers. 


  1. No Sandia!!! *Chanting* Corning, Corning, Corning!

  2. Your food looks so tasty. And yay for having job options!