Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Angela's Happy Face Is Amazing

Angela and Natalie continue to love rolling around together on the ground.

Play snow that we made for preschool. Shhhh, don't tell her that the dinosaurs couldn't live in snow.

Provided hours of fun over several days. And several hours of cleanup. Haha, jk. It was actually not that bad- the main ingredient was baking soda, so it just deodorized the carpet.

My kids are nudists

Angela is so in love with this little toy. She'll sit and whack it for quite a while.

Eating a lime

 Micah's meatloaf birthday cake frosted with mashed potatoes, ketchup and grape tomatoes

Angela's life revolves around trying to find opportunities to eat the dog food.

Playing tug-o-war

Figuring out table food. Self feeding is rough business.

Micah just go back from a conference and will be flying out for interviews next week and the following week. Options continue to keep coming up. It seems like Micah's skills could be useful in so many different applications and it will be a tough choice where to settle on. Talk about first world problems.... which reminds me, I've gotta go rearrange my fridge. The bacon in my deli drawer is taking up too much space; I can barely fit by brie wedge in there!

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