Thursday, January 22, 2015

Food Storage Theft

I promise, I'll post photos of Christmas. But in the meanwhile, some funny things and some news on Micah's job search...

The one problem with switching rooms with the girls is that the food storage is now in their room, where it can not be supervised as closely. We put up curtains to cover it up, but Natalie still gets into it once in a while. Fortunately, she really sucks at opening food packaging. Here is her attempt at stealing a squeezy applesauce:

She's a character. We asked her teachers on Sunday how she is doing in primary. They say she does fine, except that she keeps trying to take off all of her clothes. Ha!

Also, check it out! Best spent $1 on amazon ever.

So, it looks like Lincoln Labs in Boston no longer has any positions open, which I am relieved by since I never really wanted to move there anyway. It looks like Harris in Melbourne, FL might be in a stale hiring climate so they may not have the best offer. Jobs for corning corp. in Hickory, NC might be easier to get to through working at their hq for a while first, so here's our top 3 possibilities right now as I see it:

1.) Corning Corp., in Corning, NY
2.) GTRI in Atlanta
3.) Sandia Lab in Albuquerque, NM

I thought that Sandia was off the table, but then Micah got chummy and now they want to fly him out to court him. I like Corning because there would be cold winters (call me crazy, but I'm done with heat), low cost of living and a short commute for Micah, plus lots of opportunity for mobility within the company, with branches and factories in different states if we don't like New York. I like GTRI because we know the are, have family nearby and there are a lot of opportunities for education, employment and enrichment for me, which will become more important when the kids get older. But there is nowhere affordable to live without a ridiculous commute. In Albuquerque, the lab is on the edge of town, so we could get an affordable house with some land and keep Micah's commute short, but we would be living in the middle of a forsaken dessert. So, interviews will be happening in the next month and I get to spend a lot of time alone with the girls while Micah travels.


  1. Harris is still in the mix too, they want me to come down and interview. Benefits include beach and breeze, short commute, interesting work, and competitive offer. Downsides include bugs, reptiles, reptiles, and snakes. and alligators. and reptiles.

  2. Hey Sarah, bring your girls up here and stay for as long as Micah is traveling!

  3. We can help with Sammy etc, just a thought

  4. I have a bro-in-law who works at Sandia. He did his internship there and loved it so much that he took their offer when he finished school. He has been there for about 2 years. But, I am with you, the biggest drawback is being in the desert. Good luck to you guys, whatever you decide. - your cousin

  5. Job hunting is exciting and scary all at the same time. I have a brother and sister in ABQ and they both like it. It is the desert, but the weather is milder than the south. Good luck!