Friday, December 12, 2014


We've had lots of colds in the past few weeks. Micah was really sick and congested last week, Angela has it bad this week, and Natalie and I have just been a little coughy and sniffly here and there. Angela wakes herself up at night and from naps coughing all the time and sometimes it's so bad we have to run in to make sure she's not choking and dying. I've been trying a number of homeopathic remedies, essential oils and saline nose spray, but nothing has helped it clear completely. Good thing, in spite of it all, she can be relatively happy!

 Angela has thick, luscious hair.  And by that, I mean that she is not bald like Natalie was. So I like to do this:

Our friend took us to the aquarium on her membership recently. The world of coke next door had a bunch of giant ornaments on the lawn and Natalie really wanted to sit in them...

This was at EPAR-the end of semester party thrown by a bunch of professors at GA Tech each semester with pizza and beer. We were happy to invite some friends so we weren't the only one with kids. Natalie instantly became popular, offering her soda to "cheers" with the other students' drinks.

Angela is sporting a sticker from the grocery store here. I'm happy now that she can sit in a cart because her and Natalie can ride together in the car cart! Yay!!

Angela gets herself into some interesting situations with her new ability to get around.

 And Natalie has to go to new lengths to keep her toys from Angela's eager hands.

Angela now weighs too much for Natalie to pick her up The most she can do it roll Angela onto her lap. Angela is almost 21lbs and Natalie is 28.

I got a trim and my hair somehow ended up super short. Here's a rare shot of me rocking the kiddies before bed.

Mwahahaha. Trapped!

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