Saturday, November 29, 2014


Sometimes, Natalie plays with Angela and it's cute.
Other times, Natalie is pushing Angela away and hitting her when she touches Natalie's toys. Need to work on telling Mommy instead of taking matters into her own hands.

 In other news, it has been over 3 months and I am finally halfway through the 5lb chocolate bar that my Dad got us for our anniversary.

Natalie got a flu shot. And then she got a lollipop, doughnut and some chocolate milk. Oh, the pathetic bribery that it takes for kids to do things that are good for them!

We joined some friends at the zoo on Monday and had a blast!

Thanksgiving dinner was a fabulous affair even though it was just us.

I made an amazing homemade meal with all the essentials

Here is how Angela feels about cranberry sauce:

And this is how Micah feels after trying to glut himself on too much food

Post-dinner snuggles

And we randomly happened upon fireworks for the tree lighting down at Lenox mall while we were on a scenic drive of Atlanta.

Angela is into everything, won't stop moving and stands up on things now.

Now: let the Christmas cookie baking begin!

Sorry, I would write more, but now I have to go feed Angela before passing out, to be woken again every couple of hours all night long.

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