Friday, December 19, 2014

Kids with Santa

Some shots of us with the Santa at our church Christmas party. Not sure who this gentleman is, but he made a dang good Santa! Natalie ran right up to him and told him what she wanted and was thrilled when he gave her a candy cane. 

Angela was not afraid, but certainly suspicious. She was not gonna take her eyes off of him.

And this one hilariously captures how impossible it is to get good posed shots of children. As soon ad Natalie realized that there was a camera, she got very stiff. And Angela...well... she varies a lot from second to second in her expressions. I promise they were enjoying themselves as much as we were!

And, this is sorta random, but I wanted to share some cool pictures I took of some friends from church for their Christmas card this year. I have another friend who is going to have me do some portraits of her baby due in February, which is exciting. I like the chance to use my fancy camera and practice my photo editing.

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