Saturday, July 20, 2013

That One Time We Went on a Cruise

We returned yesterday from our cruise. I've gotta say- I was disappointed. Partly because it rained 75% of the time. Partly because Micah was in a bad mood 95% of the time. Together, these factors made for a less-than-enjoyable vacation, and likely would have no matter what type of vacation we had chosen to go on. Still, I can see how a cruise could be one of the greatest vacations ever if:
1.) You had good weather
2.) You had pleasant companionship
3.) You had anywhere from a few to a few hundred $ to spare on extras
As it was, I was determined not to spend ANY money on extras. We even left the 'do not disturb' sign on the door for the first 3 days (and removed it only then because it got lost) so that I would feel okay about paying less than the standard gratuity for our room steward.

Here's a list of the activities that occupied us for 4 days:
1.) sitting/laying around
2.) swimming
3.) organized entertainment (shows/games)
4.) eating
5.) walking around

 I was glad to have a cocktail dress to wear to the formal dinner, thanks to Darlene.

Our second day was supposed to be a stop at cococay, a fabulous private island where we would enjoy a nice, relaxing beach day. Unfortunately, it was storming so badly that we didn't get off the boat and by late morning the boat left the island since the storm was too rough for passengers to safely get from the boat to the island anyway.

Nassau was pretty gross. I wish we had done an excursion, like scuba diving or zip lining in the jungle. Instead, we walked around in the rain for a few hours, taking in the not-so-impressive sights. This is parliament square- all the government buildings are pink, concrete and have rats running around outside them.
 This is the queen's staircase, a massive alley and staircase cut out of solid limestone by slaves. It took 17 years to complete and leads up to one of the forts. It pools easily in rain.

 After seeing more than we cared to in Nassau, we returned to the boat for lunch and then began a trek by foot over the bridge to Paradise Island, where we hoped to lay on the beach, despite the rain. Because we came on this vacation to lay on the beach and by darned we were gonna lay on the beach!
On the Bridge

 View of the warf from the bridge. Our ship is on the far left.

This monstrosity is Atlantis, a resort that owns most of the island. Due to the large amount of privately owned beach front, we were walking almost 2 hours before we finally got to a beach. Fortunately, the rain had stopped.

I wasn't super impressed with the beach, but the water was warm and clear. And the waves came up strong and unexpectedly.

 A lovely sunset as we took a romantic stroll along a gross, stinky pier.

Towel pig left by our room steward

The best food was definitely the dinners in the formal dining room. Though, it took way to long. Here, Micah makes sculpture as we wait on our food.

Altogether, glad to be back. Somewhat decompressed, somewhat turned off from the idea of ever taking a vacation again.

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