Friday, July 12, 2013


Natalie enjoyed a fabulous morning. When I went to the store, where I let her gnaw on a candy bar (in its wrapper) while we shopped. She managed to get it open, so I just let her finish it on the back porch when we got home, where she promptly compounded the mess by playing in the sand and then coloring herself and the entire patio with chalk.

"Mom?! Why won't you hold me?"

Here's what I got for $8.40 yesterday at Publix. I saw some of the girl scout cookie nestle crunch candy bars on clearance while I was there, so I had to return this morning with proper coupons to score 14 of those for free, along with 11 more free tubs of butter and another 2 free pilsbury biscuits. Had coupons for 10 more, but they were out :(

Daddy tried to teach Natalie about the coolness of forts. She liked it okay after a while.

So, I ended up booking a cruise last Monday and we leave on Monday. I think that the tropical storm Chantel was making it hard for them to fill the last spots on cruises for this week. So, by chatting with someone and asking the right question, I was finally able to get a really good (unadvertised) rate. I have been so excited all week, shopping, checking out books from the library and packing. Micah, as usual, might think about preparing for the trip the night before. Natalie will be staying with Micah's parents from Monday through Friday. I will miss her and I'm sure I will be worried without being able to call and check on her much, but it will be immensely relaxing to have a break from her also. I am just so excited to have a chance to do nothing. I've been researching the ports of call we'll be visiting, but don't think we'll even do much when we stop. I might consider shelling out some cash to scuba dive or something once-in-a-lifetime like that, but Micah won't go in the water because he's scared of sharks. So, I guess we'll just be strolling the cities a bit but spending most of our time on the ship eating, sleeping, relaxing and preparing to eat, sleep or relax :)

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