Monday, July 8, 2013

Bye, Bye Binkie!

A few days ago, I took away Natalie's pacifier. She had started asking for it by name, so I figured I had better make it disappear before she became too dependent upon it. Since, it has been a little harder to get her to settle down for bedtime, but we're working through it. I'm suddenly realizing how much braces cost and taking all the preventable steps to avoid dental misalignment.

We're also kicking it up a notch in our semi-potty training with Natalie. We got an awesome toilet seat from Lowe's that has a child seat adapter that folds between the lid and seat. It's super easy to clean and use and Natalie loves it. So, we've been having her sit on it a few times a day all week, then on Friday night, she started pointing to the bathroom to show that she had to go. She also has begun trying to take off her diaper when it's wet. These are a few signs that a child might be ready to begin potty-training. The problem is that even if she may sometimes recognize when she has to go, I'm not sure that she can hold it yet. Right now I'm just trying to let her try every 30 minutes-hour throughout the day, and if she goes in her diaper, that's fine. No pressure. But she goes on the potty at least 3-5 times for each time she goes in her diaper, which seems pretty good to me.

In other news, we're trying to go on a cruise with the extra money from Micah's fellowship increase that they applied retroactively. Hoping to score a last minute deal, though it seems like 60 days out is the best time to get a low price. Micah's adviser will be gone for the rest of July and I'm still vaguely hoping that the after-school program will be offering me a job, so we would prefer do it sooner rather than later. Micah's parents are already on board to babysit, so if I find a good price in the next few days, I will totally book it. We'll see.

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