Thursday, May 30, 2013

UT Trip

We had a great time visiting UT this past week. We got to see a number of old friends and eat everything we've been missing- like graham canyon BYU ice cream :)
There was just enough time spent vedging and hanging out to not get too run-down. Darlene took up to enjoy a little reservoir by their home in Pleasant Grove

Here's a sweet shot of my soon-to-be-nephew that I'm sure my sister will be very grateful to me for publicizing

Natalie behaved soooo well. She was very entertained- loved having Brooklynn and Aaron around. Micah says it means we should have more kids. I say it means that she's ready for daycare

Erika's wedding was beautiful and fabulous. I only wish I had taken more pictures!
Aaron and Natalie picked from Brooklynn's cake the whole time. It was hilarious.

Just being cousins- making calls at the window while sharing a sippie cup back and forth.

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