Monday, May 6, 2013

Eyes, Ears, Mouth and Nose

It's hard to get her to show all the parts she knows in one video, but here are a couple samples:

She also knows the sounds that pigs, cows, ducks, dogs, cats and (her favorite) horses make.
In unrelated news, lack of space is officially not a legitimate reason not to have an emergency store of food and water. I fit a couple month's worth of unperishables in 2 stacked 45 gallon tubs in the corner of our bedroom and our (tiny) downstairs bathroom now holds an emergency store of water to last us a week. Now I can start building up our second week's worth behind the couch....
I continue my usual activities: Aerobis with girls from church, the occasional adoption event with Small Dog Rescue, cooking and feeding people, cleaning, playing with Natalie and couponing. This week I got to stock the freezer with a bunch of seasoned steamable veggies for $.20 and some stouffer's family size entrees for $2. I am looking forward to Kroger this week where, permitted I have a reasonable cashier, I plan to buy tons of baby wipes, toothpaste and soap and only paying tax. It works out perfectly, since we are participating in a project with the Sandy Springs United Methodist Church to collect items for hygeine kits for a shelter. I looove spending so little while still having a lot to give away.
Micah has been super busy the past few days preparing 2 papers to submit for a conference this fall. They were submitted this afternoon, so I will be relieved to have him back.
We are heading to UT over memorial day weekend to see a friend get married and watch Erik perform in Les Mis. That's the next exciting thing we're gearing up for.... aside from the pool opening, of course :)

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